What is DKIM and Why DKIM Email Authentication is Essential

DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an email protection protocol that ensures that emails are not tampered with when in movement between sending and receiving servers. When email passes a sending server, it utilizes public-key cryptography to validate it with an encryption key. DKIM services are of utmost importance and are commonly used today due to its multiple advantages.

Recipient servers then check the email's source and that the message's body hasn't modified during transit using a unique identifier published to a domain's DNS. The email passes DKIM and is deemed authentic until the receiver server verifies the signature with the help of a public key. DKIM Email Authentication is another secure process to make your email communication more secure, authentic, and reliable. It helps you prevent your company reputation from being ruined by your competitors or hackers or spammers.

Why DKIM analyzer is considered as important for your email channels?

Although DKIM is not needed, it makes your emails appear more genuine to your recipients and makes them more likely to end up in the Junk or Spam files. Spoofing emails from trusted domains is a common tactic for harmful spam and phishing activities and DKIM makes it difficult to spoof email from DKIM-enabled domains.

Our experts at GoDMARC provide the DKIM services to the customers constantly and monitor your domain. Our DKIM services help in identifying the issue 24/7 which means one no longer has to sleep with one eye open. Our dedicated team is available through the mail, chat, and phone. We have qualified engineers having the vast technical education.

If you are searching to set up a DKIM record, we are here to help you set it up. 

DKIM record analyzer 

Our DKIM lookup scanner is very useful for those who want to check an existing DKIM record. We are Email Experts and we take pride in assisting our customers in establishing DKIM record checkers and ensuring the credibility of their email systems. To protect your email system, use this software application.

You can check the DKIM-Signature header, which shows the presence of the digital signature in DNS, with our DKIM record analyzer tool. This helps you to verify that your DKIM signature's public component has been implemented properly in your domain's DNS.

A DKIM record test can be performed with the help of our DKIM device. DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is a domain-level cryptographic signature authentication mechanism for your email system which allows the authorizing domain to establish confirmation for an email message in progress.

When you have a DKIM record, recipient servers can use the cryptographic signature to authenticate the credibility and identity your email to determine whether it should be sent, refused, or blocked.

Why allow the cyber criminals, email spammers take hold of your domain servers and ruin your brand reputation earned with years of efforts when you can easily prevent it by availing GoDMARC valuable DKIM services and the highly effective DKIM Email Authentication solution 365 days in a year. Connect with the DKIM experts today!


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